A Personal request to Doctors

Over the time I have been doing this website and also in my life, I have met so many Doctors, some as I am sure you will agree with, you would love to see again and others you feel that if you never meet again it would not matter. I am not for one moment saying these type of Doctors are not good at their job, most as amazing at what they do, they just lack people skills.  

I have a sense of knowing who I will get on with within 5 minutes of chatting with them.

Now doing this website and my FaceBook page I am getting a lot of support from Doctors across the world, who I guess are seeing what Sue and myself are trying to do for others like us in this world. This page is about one of these Doctors, and this is a personal request to any Professors, Doctors, or Surgeons to read on and offer this Doctor a job, if possible on your team.

His Name is Doctor Rajan Garg 


I have so much respect for this Doctor because he is only 35 yet is doing so much for the people of India in the area his small hospital is, he rents 20 beds from a nursing home, and from that runs a well respected small hospital, I have found through our talking that his own family live in a different country, yet he does what he does for the people of India, and through talking to other surgeons, from, lets say not so well off countries Doctors like Rajan Garg are the force behind change, and from where I am sitting l feel lucky to have the health care I have. What amazes me about Dr. Rajan Garg is that he pay’s from his own money to treat the poorest Families to try and save a baby’s life.

From our long talks via FaceBook messenger, even with the large time difference between us I have really got to know him, and I hold the greatest respect for him, I first came across his name while researching something for this website, I then got interested and so wanted to know who this young Dr was. This was the video I found that lead me to look into the work of Dr. Rajan Garg.


His own website for his Hospital. You can find his own FaceBook link on his website.


I have more to come for here just waiting for it.

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