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Welcome to this Page, everything here we have put together and is not copied, feel free to use in any way you feel. On the PDF page link below we have added more idea’s, HOPEFULLY making others aware that there are Children out there that do struggle when eating, or have other things not quite right in their small lives, will bring about change from others who may at first, not understand.

We hope you use what you find here, you have the power in your hands, with a little help from us to make the change happen

This idea I came up with, and within 3 hours our own Graphic Designer’s Simon Ilett, and Heather Burns put this together, for you, plus others, which can be found on this site, and on pdf page.

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this one

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The Yellow wording above the TOF-OA reads.

“What if the hardest thing to Swallow, was FOOD”

####This show’s better once in poster####

More idea’s to use for FREE here click link PDF Files

pdf files tof-oa & ea-tef

The Message always being the same

‘What if the hardest thing to Swallow, was FOOD?

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round black born  white round born  round born unable to swallow

Born Unable to Swallow

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