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This is my daughter Everly. By looking at her picture you’d never know she spent 5 months in the NICU, 1 month in a medically induced coma, and endured countless surgeries. In fact, given she’s only 3 years old I doubt she even knows. But I know. My wife knows. And we’ll always remember.

Everly was born with a condition known as Esophageal Atresia. And she had the worst of it’s kind. She was born with a gap in her esophagus so large she might as well have not been born with one at all.

When we got this news our lives were shattered. We did not know where to go or who to turn to until we found Boston Children’s Hospital Esophageal program. In a matter of days, my wife and I packed up our lives in Los Angeles, moved to Boston for an indefinite amount of time, and sought help from the only surgeon in the world at Boston Children’s Hospital who is successfully growing and attaching the esophagus using nothing but a needle and a thread. That might sound like an over-simplification, but my point is that without Dr. Rusty Jennings, Dr. Michael Manfredi, and the incredible team of nurses and support at BCH my daughter would have never been able to do something we all take for granted. Swallow food.

As parents, we’ll never be able to repay Everly’s Esophageal Atresia team for what he did for my daughter. But I guess running this marathon and raising money is the smallest, most humble gesture I could think of.

Here’s my goal: 1,000 people to donate at least $10.

In all honesty, any type of support would go a long way, but what’s more important than the money is having people simply watch this video and share this story. Frequently, other Esophageal Atresia families reach out to us after seeing Everly’s story on the CBS talk show “The Doctors” or Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” seeking advice as they pick up the pieces of the news that their child will be born with this. The biggest and most important advice I give these families is to see the doctors with the most experience. It was a life-changing decision for us, and it could be for you.

watch this Video

Boston Children’s Hospital is not only paving the way for Esophageal Atresia but also with children dealing with rare birth defects, disorders and diseases that need continuous funding and research. By donating and supporting me along this race you will also help other parents have hope for their little ones at the time when hope can seem lost. And it won’t be because of me. It’ll be because of you. Because you shared this story and help fund a cause.

Thank you all in advance of your donations. I’ll have more updates and stories along the way, but this is truly a life-changing event and perhaps the single greatest challenge of my life. I’m beyond honored to represent Boston Children’s Hospital during the 2018 Boston Marathon. And I’m truly humbled…

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