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Tube Feeding your Child

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This Site you might find very helpful run by a Mother dealing with Tube Feeding, because of her Child was born unable to swallow, she also runs a small shop from her site, I have read some of this site and felt you the Parents would also find comfort from this link, so I have put this new page together to help you with info and whatever else I find.


Little Birch Mothers Blog

The constant care that a medically complex child demands can be overwhelming at times. You may have reached a point in the feeding tube journey when you needed a break from the beeping pump, the daily worries, the long NICU days, and the constant attention that a tube fed child can seem to require.

In the beginning, my husband and I were so overwhelmed by all of the new feeding tube responsibilities and were hesitant to put that stress on anyone else.  It was isolating.  We started to feel that it was near impossible for us to ever leave our son’s side. Learning that other people could step in from time to time helped open up a world of comfort and peace for our heavy hearts and worried minds.  For this, we give thanks to our ‘village’.



Our friends and family have stepped outside of their comfort zone in order to care for and strengthen their relationship with our tubie, Arlo. It takes hard work, patience, and there is definitely a learning curve involved. Allowing other people into this world is such an important step in making the feeding tube part of your entire family’s new normal and to allow for the much needed ‘step away’ once in awhile. We are so thankful for this as we’ve had some time recently to reconnect, allow for self-care, and strengthen our needs as a family.

After appreciating the benefits of these breaks, we feel compelled to share some ideas with you so that you’re able to do the same. Here are some tips for you and the caregiver of your tubie to help this transition of care become a comfort instead of a concern. 

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This is the Ladies BLOG link very interesting 


Video's on how to

Just to give you an idea on how to, over time you will find your own way to do things.

Video’s on how to tube feed etc

Always ask questions of your Hospital team this is a must, in different countries things will be different, these below are to give you an idea.

Using a Gravity Feeding Bag video

Bolus Feeding by Syringe—Gravity Method

Changing out her g tube Six years old girl. Sharing her strength.

How to Change a G-tube/mic-key button



A Mothers Story

Ellie’s Story

Our story began about three years ago when our beautiful little girl was born into this world having a TEF/EA.

At that time we did not know Ellie was going to be unable to swallow after the repair. Her team went ahead and inserted a feeding tube while she was under anesthesia, from the repair.

Honestly, I was saddened and so mad because I felt like no one was giving her a chance. After a few days of trying to feed her by, mouth we realized Ellie was aspirating everything that went into her mouth. At that point, we knew they did the right thing so she wouldn’t have to go back into surgery.

We began a journey that no parent ever thinks would happen to them. I never got to hold her and feed her a bottle as I rocked her to sleep like most all mothers dream of. I simply poured formula through a syringe and fed her. That became our normal. Ellie was just shy of 4 months old when we took her out in public bringing her supplies to feed her. We had a lot of stares and some were not nice, but We grew quickly to not pay attention to those people. That was our baby girl.

We are from a small town in Alabama so the more we went out people began to learn who Ellie was and her story. We never hid her disability from anyone. Children at church began to come up to my husband and myself to ask if they could help feed her or to just play with her while we fed her. Still to this day those children are right there with me when I feed, to help me. If I could go back and tell myself anything, it would simply be to not get down over something so simple as a feeding tube.

Every day was a challenge learning the ends and outs of having a child fed via a tube, but I’ll never regret this experience. Ellie will begin a feeding clinic closer to her fourth birthday to hopefully teach her how to properly eat by mouth.

Don’t ever give up. My motto to myself is to take one day at a time. Every step in this journey is huge.


Steve Wyles Story of tube feeding my Daughter

As you can guess from the heading here my own Daughter is tube feed, as she has a very rare condition, and I have gone through what you might be reading this for, you yourself are starting of down this very road.

So we were told your Daughter will need to be fed via tube, into her stomach, I remember the floor opening up and me fulling through it, I was thinking ok so how does this work? The nurses showed us what to expect with photo’s etc, The day of the op I was scared for her, and still trying to get my head around it all. I remember the day like it was yesterday, she will be on this for her whole life, the nurses showed us in hospital, the tube came undone and the feed flowed out over my hair, which didn’t help really because l was thinking if this happens to them god only knows how we are going to cope.

Taking her out we had to feed her every two hours, I was like, you are kidding me? Nope, they were not, taking her out in her push-chair with her tube bright yellow tube going into her nose, I saw people looking, it was hard going, I remember the first time we fed her in a shopping center, we sat out the way of others it was empty area, then people started to sit close and it felt they were watching us, I think back, they might not off, but you feel like you are what they come to look at.

One time I was in my car in a traffic jam watching the time ticking past, thinking what on earth am I going to do? so I pulled over onto the pavement, got out the kit I always carried in rear of my car, everything needed in case I couldn’t get home, I carried a flask full of hot water to warm up, the feed to allow it to flow better. Opened back door and tube fed her in full view of everyone. Yes, I was wondering if some silly muppet was going to say something daft, but it was about my child getting what she needed when she needed it. That was 12 years ago it’s 2018 now as I write this.

What I found out over these years is this, I wasn’t the first to go through this, and I won’t be the last, a small tip I can pass on, we named the tube so she could tell us if fee-fee hurt, it has worked very well, also if you can carry a spare tube this might help, as we found that our local hospital never had her size in stock, you will learn what works for you.

what helped me was sitting in Hospital one day, when a teenager walked in and sat on the bed across from us, lifted her top up plugged in and laid back, me being me I asked her how she got on with others around her, she said, I am a walking miracle, if others wont to look let them, my life is about me. People ask some look but everyone in this life could at any time end up wearing one of these.

Her comment helped us come to the understanding about our daughter’s life ahead, as Parent’s we are here to do the best we can for our Children, I could feed my Daughter anywhere if it meant in a crowded then so be it, it is her well being that counts.

Trust me, you will be fine xx

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