This Video page came about because some people, Dr’s, Family members, friends, still don’t understand what your Child has, so here is my thought, show these people on this website, and as my free Poster says at the top,
(It’s not what you see on the outside that counts, it’s what you don’t see that matters)

Severe Tracheomalacia Assessment and Treatment

Published on Nov 1, 2015
Dr Russell Jennings explains the current diagnostic methods for children with noisy breathing, with a focus on tracheomalacia. He also goes into some of the current effective treatment techniques, including the posterior tracheopexy.

Esophageal Atresia – Everly on Hallmark’s Home & Family

Doctor Foker from USA explaining how his idea work’s, below Dr Jennings draws this so you can understand better.

This is how far Medicine has come from when I was born in 1962, I would love to meet Dr Jennings as I never got to
meet the two Surgeons, From Southampton (UK) Hospital that saved my Life. I am how ever still Friends with my
Adult Surgeon, who used to play music in theatre, and I’d be asked at times what would you like to hear ??
5 minutes later, out for the count, funny what you remember.

Watch this, it might be something you have not thought about in helping your Child’s health needs.

The Mother of this Child with CHARGE Syndrome Needs in my view a pat on the back, Positive out look works wonders.

What is CHARGE Syndrome?

Thought this might be use full for Parents worried about their child pulling the tube out while in bed or just playing.

Made by a Family told though the eyes of a 4 year old Brother, real lovely

To raise money for the Hospital That cared for his wee Brother.

 Russell Jennings  Steve –
I started a VLOG today – this is for patient education on issues around EA/TEF and TBM.
My first entry is a video link of an adult with severe tracheomalacia repaired by our adult team.

Russell Jennings, MD
Pediatric Surgery
Director, Esophageal and Airway Treatment Program
Boston Children’s Hospital
300 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Office +1 617 355-3038

20 Apr 2015  (Parent’s Agreed To This Being Shown)

Our daughter’s journey home after 139 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Wendy Chung shares what we know about autism spectrum disorder — for example, that autism has multiple, perhaps interlocking, causes. Looking beyond the worry and concern that can surround a diagnosis

Life With the MIC-KEY Low Profile Feeding Tube

Published on Jun 18, 2014

A Fistula is a permanent abnormal passageway between two organs in the body or between an organ and the exterior of the body. Swallowing a Barium Meal to show Esophageal fistula

Tracheo-esophageal Fistula in a Newborn seen by swallowing something called a Barium Meal and x-ray.


Uploaded on Jul 2, 2011

Esophageal atresia is a rare congenital disorder in which the esophagus does not develop properly. This disorder is often detected before birth through ultrasound examinations. If not, the disorder is diagnosed at birth. In 85 percent of cases, the esophagus does not connect with the lower esophagus and stomach. Sometimes the top of the esophagus connects with the windpipe and can cause food to be whisked into the

Balloon Endoscopy with the CRE™ Balloon Dilator
This animation and short video clip shows how balloon endoscopy with the CRE™ Balloon is used to dilate strictures of the GI tract.

Long-Segment Colonic Interposition for Esophageal Atresia: 3D Animation (How long gap is mended on a Baby but in a 3D film) Very intresting.

Esophageal Dilation due to a narrowing of the esophagus
What is Esophageal Dilation?
Esophageal dilation is a procedure that allows your doctor to dilate, or stretch, a narrowed area of your esophagus [swallowing tube]. Doctors can use various techniques for this procedure. Your doctor might perform the procedure as part of a sedated endoscopy

Dilation of an Esophageal-Jejunal Anastomotic Stricture (To give you an insight as to what happens)
Published on Feb 13, 2014
Dilation of an Esophageal-Jejunal Anastomotic Stricture with the CRE™ Wireguided 12/15 mm Balloon, featuring Dr. Vanbiervliet.

How to Blenderized Veg and Tube Feed

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