Help Eivin get the medical care, he needs as he was Born Unable to Swallow Ea-Tef

This is a personal story for me the ower of this website, Steve Wyles

We need your help, to help this young lady.

Who I was asked to help, which is what I have been able to do, linking her up with a Lady Surgeon and Mums of Tef Children who have been great in their support.

This young lady has my respect, she held down three jobs while carrying this child after the baby’s Father cleared off.

This is a GO FUND me REQUEST

Help Eivin get the medical care, he needs as he was Born Unable to Swallow Ea-Tef

This story starts about 6 yrs prior to finding out about mister Eivin. I was always told I could not have kids. One day I’m in the doctors’ office getting checked out for severe pelvic pain. Come to find out I had a cyst the size of a ping pong ball on my left ovary and an ultrasound showed I had a septum in my uterus preventing me from carrying a child. I was transferred to a fertility clinic in Clive Iowa to have the cyst removed during this surgery they also removed a septum from my uterus. 8 months after this surgery I find out I’m pregnant with a baby! I cried tears of joy because after wanting it for so long it was finally happening.

At this time I was with the baby’s father( for the first 9 weeks of the pregnancy) until he put his hands on me in anger and I realized this was not the life I wanted for either me or my child. I had to quit a decent-paying job that I worked at for almost 2 yrs. Because they would not transfer me to a lesser manual labor position at the plant. I applied for a transfer on 3 different occasions. Still nothing so I made the decision to find a job that understood my needs even if that meant taking a pay cut. I ended up having to work 3 jobs (para educator at a middle school – weekend desk at a hotel- and cleaned houses)  after quitting the decent-paying Job just to make ends meet.

I was also trying and save a little cash for when he finally arrived. Eivin Andrew Grandgeroge was born on April 27th, 2021  weighing 5lbs 5 oz and 19 inches long at 10:45 pm just a few hrs before his mom’s birthday. he was 2 weeks early from his induction date 3 weeks early from his due date! We knew Eivin was special before he was born so on top of being my miracle baby we find out that he will have a very rough start to life! He was diagnosed with what is call TEF/EA (tracheoesophageal fistula / esophageal atresia) at his 20-week anatomy scan. (they did not find his stomach bubble.) Ever since then I have been trying to make contacts and doing everything I can do to get him the best care I can get, with him and I being on government health care and not knowing my options I started to add a few groups on Facebook and this way I met a few amazing people with hearts of gold wanting to help me get the best care for him.

Steve Wyles here, I was able to link Mum up with a top tef surgeon at Boston by giving her the cell no, of the surgeon.

And the Email address of Dr. Rotherburg at Denver – Found on this website front page.

  I realized I have two options one being Boston children’s hospital and the other being Denver children’s hospital to have the best outcome for Eivin. This go fund me account will go towards transferring Eivin’s medical care to Denver for his repair surgery and recovery (3-month stay) and help with bills for the next few months since I can not work due to my son needing me by his side. As of right now, he is doing amazing but with the wrong care team, this can go very bad very quickly! He receives his feedings through a G tube and has a suction tube down his throat to drain all the saliva he cannot swallow.

He is gaining weight! He is now 5lbs 13.5 oz. He is starting to show his personality and is one happy baby unless he’s hungry or needs a diaper changed! with the right care, Eivin will live the best and normal life he can with his condition, with the wrong care it will be a long hard road for everyone! I just want to bring my baby home as soon as he’s healthy enough to come home!  I can’t say thank you enough to anyone that took the time to read this and that donated to this cause.

Steve Wyles here. If any Mum needs our help, then this young lady needs ours, she has shown she has a strong will, to do all she has done before the birth, if you wish to help her, and god willing you will find the GO FUND me Link above.

Thank you if you can help her, let’s give her a break.