mumsome smooth porridge mixes for Children and Adults with swallowing difficulties

Made by Parents of a Child Born Unable To Swallow

mumsome smooth porridge mixes for Children and Adults with swallowing difficulties

My name is Deepa.

Here’s a brief story into how I ventured into the business of preparing finger millet porridge mixes to help kids, plus Adults, especially those with swallowing difficulties.

The journey started when my TOF son was born prematurely in Manchester in 2012.

I had to discontinue my MSc Biotechnology course (although I did manage to complete successfully after a gap year). I researched a lot into weaning recipes. As soon as my son was ready for pureed diet, I tried to introduce ragi (finger millet) porridge as a main source of nutrition.

I tried to make ragi porridge at home in Manchester here in the UK, but it didn’t have the same taste as the ones I used to buy in India.

During my visits to India, I learnt to prepare Nutty Porridge mix and the All Sprouts Multigrain mixes with my grandmother and aunt.

Packed with nutrition and nuts, both these mixes are great source of iron, minerals and calcium that children need to boost their immunity and overall well-being.

So that’s when the idea was born – to prepare ragi porridge mixes right here in the UK.

Thus ‘Mumsome’ was born

To help mothers in their quest to include finger millet in their kids’ diet. This can also be consumed by adults too.

Our mixes are finely powdered and easy to consume by mixing in milk or water.

We do not add any sugar; instead we use dry dates to get that sweetness.

mumsome smooth porridge mixes for Children and Adults with swallowing difficulties


I ordered multigrain health mix from (mumsome) foods for my one year old . The freshness of the ingredients is unmissable when u open the pack . My little one had it without a fuss . Highly recommend their products.

Thank you Deepa for the amazing, delicious and guilt free Ragi Nutty Laddoo Mix. Good quality – good taste and very healthy! My daughter loved them so much, despite the fact she’s very choosy about food, being a great cook herself. It’s one of our favourite family snack now. I’m ordering more, as we’ve already finished them all – looking forward to trying the ‘Nutty Porridge, knowing that the ingredients are so well selected and healthy for us all.

Great taste! I ordered ragi nutty laddoo mix and they taste great. My whole family loved the laddoos and the best thing is they were 100% sugar free. Generally we prefer very low sugar foods, so this was the best snack for my family.

Thanks deepa for the amazing, tasty, wholesome, healthy mixes. Am so glad to have found someone who delivers these in UK. Delivery was super quick as well and so well packed. Going to order more soon.

Mumsome has some amazing products .I have tried Raggi mix & Multigrain mix , tastes great and very fresh . I made Raggi Ladoo with ghee and jaggery powder , turned out to be very delicious, my kids loved it. Thanks Deepa for some amazing mixes.


*ALLERGEN INFORMATION*: Our products are run in a mill that handles nuts

(including cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts), soya, barley, wheat and gluten.

(Weight of 1 pack = 250gms)
£3.40 for up to 3 packs.
£5 for 4-7 packs.
£8 for 8-11 packs.

Please send us a message for delivery charges outside the UK. If you live in Manchester, collection is free from M14 area. If you’d like us to deliver in person, it’s £1 for 5-mile radius and £2 for delivery between 5-10 mile radius from M14 area in Manchester.

PROCESSING STATUS: Currently we are taking orders for week commencing 4 January 2021.

Courier delivery takes about 5-7 working days. However, due to Christmas/New Year posting there might be delays.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated.


For under 1-year olds

Prepared with love from sprouted ragi (finger millet), pearl millet, chickpea, sprouted bengal gram, green gram, toor dal, masoor dal, sprouted black gram, wheat, soya, rice, sorghum, barley, dates and almonds.

We can customise this product for two or more packs. Please send us a message for more details

Best before 4 months from the date of purchase.

WE are a New Company and would consider posting outside UK Please ask us if your intrusted.