Born Unable to Swallow

Our Medical Survivors and Little Heroes

This Website has been Endorsed by Leading USA Surgeons and seen across the World by other Surgeons we have contact with.

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We are a small team, with BIG ideas. Together, we are making a difference for families and providers.

We are connecting and networking around the world to get answers to YOUR medical and social needs. Our mission is simple: Solutions.
Why? Because it’s time, and we know the struggle is real being born unable to swallow. Let us work together.
United We Stand
We are supported by the leading innovators in esophageal solutions. Pioneers such as Boston’s Children’s Hospital, Columbia Medical Center, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Doctors dedicating themselves, and their groundbreaking techniques to us, because they care.

We care. We are 100% Non-Profit.

Our research efforts have resulted in published studies and together we are making a difference. We provide education, resources, awareness posters and who we are connected to our medical professionals paving the road to esophageal solutions. If you have a medical question, if you need to travel to get to a medical provider, if you think you are alone and need support, WE ARE HERE. We have answers and solutions. We know because we are EA survivors, who fully understand how hard it is to get difficult questions answered.

We are The Birth-Defect Team.

Stephen Wyles and Sue Paul hold TWO USA Medical Papers as Co. Authors more on this can be seen on this Website.

Please look on the page (Ea-Tef  – Tof-Oa Surgeons that support website) Plus look at bottom of this page to see who has endorsed this site.

Meet the team below, all give their own time for free, this website makes no funds and is totally self-funded by Stephen Wyles

 Stephen Wyles (UK) Adult Tof – Admin in Support Group

Sue Paul (U.S.A) Widow of Adult Tef – Admin in Support Group

Simon Ilett (UK) Our Graphics Guy

 Danielle M. Drummond (U.S.A) Helper

Madzia Fraszczyk (UK) Tof Mum – Admin in Support Group

Sarah Boury (U.S.A) Adult Tef  – Admin in Support Group

Ivone RL Campo (USA) Mum of Adult Tef – Admin in Support Group

 This was posted in a group by a Mother from England talking about Stephen Wyles. Dated 25th -07-2019

He didn’t know me but when I reached out in desperation because my baby was born with oesophageal atresia and trachea oesophageal fistula, he was there. He helped me learn about a whole new world. Every day we chatted via messenger.

He gave me hope and assured me I was doing a good job.
Steve your nana would be so proud.
Nearly 2 years on and we are still in contact.

Hopefully one day we will meet X



This site provides a valuable resource to patients and families who have EA-TEF & TOF-OA, and associated anomalies. Not only does it provide information on diagnosis and treatment, but it provides valuable insights and networking for patients and families who may feel isolated or lost in dealing with the complex issues they may face. It is a great resource to get information and support.

– Doctor / Surgeon Steven Rothenberg - Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children 2001 N. High Street Denver, Minimally Invasive Surgery at it's best

Another testimonial


Happy to endorse the site. It is a great service to patients, families and caregivers of children with complex esophageal and airway anomalies. You have created a wonderful virtual community for people to gather and share the frustrations, challenges, and victories associated with living with esophageal atresia.

– Dan von Allmen, Professor of Surgery, University of Cincinnati

Another testimonial


Soy testigo del grandioso esfuerzo que ha hecho Steve de conjugar una enorme información para la orientación de la comunidad mundial de familias y de niños nacidos con AE y FTE . No existe otro espacio en el
Mundo que llene tanto vacío existente alrededor de este gran problema , convirtiéndose en el sitio por excelencia para renacer la esperanza de madres y familias desesperadas , convirtiéndose en esa tabla de salvación para conocer , orientarse y tomar las mejores decisiones .
Gracias Steve y Sue por este gran aporte a esta necesitada comunidad.

– Dr Cristobal Abello MD Pediatric Surgeon Master in Pediatric and neonatal MIS and Terapeutic Endoscopy Profesor of Pediatric and Surgery North University and Metropolitan University of Barranquilla Colombia. Scientific and team director of the CMIpediatric International Clinic of Barranquilla Colombia