Esophageal Atresia Survivor

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Her motto: “Have faith, Expect Miracles”.

Her motto through this all is Have Faith

Peyton Faith Durham is an Esophageal Atresia Survivor.

She was born with several other birth defects which led her to having to have a tracheotomy when she was around 1 year old. After numerous surgeries and spend the first year or so of her life in Boston Children’s Hospital, today she is 8 years old and beating the odds.

We hope that her story can inspire other families to NEVER give up Hope.

Her motto through this all is Have Faith, Expect Miracles and God had proven over and over that she is his miracle!! Through everything she has been through, she continues to have the biggest smile on her face every single day, and if she can smile through the pain, so can we.

Peyton Faith is an eight-year-old, esophageal atresia warrior.

At two days old, our surgeon at Duke University Medical Center told us that he didn’t think she would survive. Thankfully, he made the decision that even though he couldn’t help her, he would send us to Dr. Jennings at Children’s Hospital Boston. After six months and many, many surgeries, the Foker procedure was finally successful and Peyton had a complete esophagus.

Peyton has VACTERL association and many health issues, including EA-TEF, left renal agenesis, dextrocardia, severe tracheal-bronchial malacia, and portal vein thrombosis. The last eight years of her life have been a roller coaster of emotions. She has undergone more than fifty surgeries in her short life. The amazing thing is that no matter how hard things have gotten for Peyton, she smiles through it all.

There are many days when we are not sure what the future holds for her. Today, Peyton is able to eat almost anything she wants and she is able to do things that most kids her age are able to do. Although EA life is hard, our family wouldn’t change a thing. My hope is that someone who sees her story and her video will know there is hope and better days are ahead.

I believe my EA-TEF warrior is a gift from God and I’m so thankful to have been on this life-changing journey over the last eight years. I know that being a mom to a special child has made me a better person.

We’re thankful to have this group, as it reminds us that we are not alone.

This video was posted by the Parents in our Support Group, 13 Jun 2020, which at the time of posting, has 20 world surgeons in it.