Sophia’s Life from Nigeria to India for Esophageal Atresia 0peration and home

Sophia’s Life from Nigeria to India for Esophageal Atresia 0peration and home

An event that happened though a support group, Stephen Wyles – owner of he helps many children born unable to swallow across our world, with the help of the worlds Paediatric Surgeons.

One day while looking at the different support groups, and his own group, he noticed a post from a family in Nigeria, a 3rd world country, and wondered if he could help?

Stephen reached out to Mum and they talked.

He then set to work thinking how he could help this Family. He googled Nigeria, then messaged a Surgeon there, not being happy with the reply, he started asking questions with other world Surgeons. This was going to be a challenging event.

He talked to a Surgeon called Dr Vivek Gharpure, from India, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences University – Medical university, India offering medical education in medicine, biotechnology, physiotherapy, dental, bioscience management, nursing, MBA. Medical College Maharashtra India Medical College Maharashtra Medical Admission Maharashtra

These two are now good friends, seen here in May 2023 at Stephens home in England, where Dr Vivek Gharpure called in to see Stephen who has been unwell and unable to work due to an illness.

Reaching out to an Indian Surgeon

Though these two talking and throwing ideas around. Stephen learnt that if they could get the child and Family to this Hospital the life saving op could be done on a Government scheme, which was unbearable.

So Stephen underwent the task of getting this Family to his Friend, he asked Mum to set up a Go Fund Me account, and put his name behind it, and pushed it into the Support Groups, even paying into it from his own pocket.

Mum takes up the Story

When Sophia was 4 months old I reached out to Mr Steve Wyles to kindly help raise funds for Sophia’s repair surgery.

He asked I opened a GoFundMe and he helped us raise $3000, (for travel and Hospital) and also introduced us to a good hospital in India for Sophia’s repair surgery.

(Parents Changed Surgeons and the last minute, from the DR Stephen had said go to, because of money costs) Cost of Drugs needed

Sophia was born 11 December 2021 here in Nigeria, She was born Esophageal Atresia type C long gap, she had her first surgery 19 December 2021 where a feeding tube was connected to her stomach for feeding and her neck was also opened.

Sophia had her repair in India 11 January 2023 and she is feeding well from her mouth now.

Mr Steve Wyles is a good man, he was also born unable to swallow hence his passion to help babies born unable to swallow.

Thank you Mr Steve Wyles for coming to our Aid.

After Sophia’s repair surgery in January, her feeding tube was removed here in Nigeria by her surgeon because it was getting difficult to manage, always leaking and sore around her skin. Sophia stopped eating which made her loose alot of weight. She was severely malnourished and very ill.

I reached out to Mr Steve Wyles who gave me some tips and after few weeks Sophia started eating gradually.

It took three months before her gastrostomy site closed finally.

I am so grateful to Mr Steve’s platform, I wish his platform can be known globally especially here in Africa where people don’t know about Esophageal Atresia.

  Thank you Mr Steve Wyles, thanks to your platform, your group on Facebook and your website. We learnt alot from you.