Support Group for Born Unable to Swallow Ea-Tef – Tof-oa

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Support Group for Born Unable to Swallow Ea-Tef – Tof-oa

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Support Group for Born Unable to Swallow Ea-Tef – Tof-oa


Stephen Wyles

Stephen Wyles (UK) Adult Tof – Admin in Support Group

Born in England in 1962 his story is found on this site.

Born in 1962 Unable to Swallow (

Sue Paul

Sue Paul (U.S.A) Widow of Adult Tef – Admin in Support Group

Sue Paul Widow of Ea-Tef and Campaigner for Awareness (

Rajan Garg

(Peds) Surgeon  – Admin in Support Group

Simon Ilett

 (UK) Our Graphics Guy

Madzia Fraszczyk

 (UK) Tof Mum – Admin in Support Group

Our Son Filip was born Unable to Swallow and with other health issues Dances Ballroom and Latin (

Ivone RL Campo

 (USA) Mum of Adult Tef – Admin in Support Group

Sarah Boury

Young Adult – Admin in Support Group

Sarah Joanne Boury Adult born with Ea-Tef makes it onto TV (

Scott – (Australia) Helper

Danielle M. Drummond (U.S.A) Helper

The Support Group.

The Support Group is known on FaceBook as 

Born unable to Swallow Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula