A Book about the story behind the story Lachlan Child born with type C TOF

The inspiration for the book “Lachlan” emerged with the birth of our son, who was diagnosed with Type C TOF.

A Book about the story behind the story Lachlan Child born with type C TOF

At the moment of birth, rather than being placed in our arms, he was immediately taken for surgery. Our suspicions of TOF had been earlier raised by our obstetrician, who noted the absence of a stomach bubble in the ultrasound scans.

Lachlan, being one of triplets, meant our attention was constantly divided, especially with his twin sisters requiring care as well.


It was/is not an easy journey – it is a time of heartache, worry, joy, sleepless nights, tests, surgeries, hidden tears, of fitting medical appointments in around therapists, work, family and being a wife and parent. Hospital is like a second home now.

A poignant memory etched in my mind occurred one day in the NICU. A young girl was meeting her seriously ill baby brother for the first time, in the incubator next to Lachlan’s. The overwhelming sight of the tubes and machines enveloping her brother left her inconsolably distressed, an image that will forever linger in my memory.

I penned “Lachlan” not only to honour my son’s remarkable determination and his relentless battle to remain with us but also for that little girl, her brother and every other child navigating medical challenges. The narrative aims to demystify the hospital environment and the intimidating machinery, highlighting their essential role in healing and recovery. I also wanted children, like my son to see themselves represented in literature- perfectly imperfect in every way.

This book is also a way to say thank you to the incredible medical staff that work tirelessly to save and look after these precious TOF children. My gratitude is yours- always.

Finally, to the tough TOF parents. I see you; I applaud you; I am you. Let’s have each other’s backs and keep teaching the world what incredible people these little TOF kids can be.

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A Book about the story behind the story Lachlan Child born with type C TOF

You will see when you read the book that it is a children’s picture book and not a medical journal so it mentioned tof specifically in the blurb but in the book in refers to it as bits inside of him that didn’t work properly .

The target audience is children and siblings of kids with birth defects.

Lachlan is the tale of a baby boy who required surgery at birth, chronicling his odyssey from the hospital back to his family. Born with TOF, a congenital condition affecting breathing and swallowing, Lachlan’s story is one of resilience and the quest for home. This picture book uses humor and factual information to help children understand that sometimes children need medical assistance and encourages children not to be scared of medical intervention or hospital.

What others say about this book

A very important message written with the perfect balance of humour, honesty and heart. The colourful illustrations and child friendly descriptions are well suited to the younger audience. This beautiful story is raising awareness for TOF kids and families and brings a supportive and comforting message.

Loved how a serious issue was made easy for kids to understand . Nice to see medically vulnerable kids represented . Great read for siblings with a premature/sick child in the family . Beautifully written, funny too . Loved the illustrations

Written beautifully for families who are interested in TOF and all it involves. Cute pictures which add a little bit of humour to a tough subject. I like how it’s written for kids so they don’t feel so worried.