Cincinnati Children’s Hospital USA

Cincinnati Children’s offers comprehensive treatment for children with complex or rare health conditions.

They are a distinguished medical center, recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in patient care, education, and research. Clinical procedures and treatments pioneered here are used all over the world, and our research breakthroughs are changing the outcome for children around the world.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital USA

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital USA

If your thinking of traveling to the USA for treatment then this website advises you to watch the video below. It is truly a lovely hospital, and the children’s team of Drs – Nurses – are respected across the world as you will hear in this short video.

Their dedicated international patient team offers special services for patients and families who are coming from outside the United States. We will assist you with the many details of your journey and visit to Cincinnati, Ohio. An international patient coordinator will be your main point of contact during the planning of your visit, your stay here, and after you return to your home country. Our goal is to provide professional and personalized care designed specifically to your unique needs.

Cincinnati Children’s was ranked No. 3 in the 2020-21 list of Best Children’s Hospitals published by U.S. News & World Report.


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital USA

From our research, we have been told that this Children’s Hospital will see adults born unable to swallow.




From a Parents View Point

Written by Sondra Stewart Dean

My son Noah was born with CHARGE syndrome, his first weeks and months were filled with many surgeries, including an esophageal fistula repair and feeding tube placement, and a tracheostomy. When he was dismissed from NICU I was overjoyed.

As a single parent, I was quickly overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of specialists. Living in a very rural area of VA, specialists meant traveling hours for each visit. Noah was sick often and required many hospital stays. I felt like no one really knew or understood his complex condition. I lived in constant fear that I would lose him because of his inconsistent care. None of his Drs collaborated. He lived 12 years with a feeding tube and had never seen a GI.

Then I started hearing a lot about Cinncinatti Children’s hospital.

I found out they had a clinic specific to Noah’sdiagnodis of CHARGE syndrome. I was able to get in touch with them and we prepared for our first visit. Ronald McDonald’s house is right, next door to the hospital. We were able to stay there while Noah visited several specialists. Within 4 days we had seen all the Drs that I would normally have to spread out over a year to avoid missing so much work.

The Drs all collaborated and came up with a plan. They decided to put him under anesthesia for a scope of his lungs. The heart Dr. a GI was right there also. Doing what they needed to. With one sedation, one visit, one hospital stay we learned much and to take a course of action to improve Noah’s health. That was 4 years ago.

We have returned about every 6 months to be seen and updated. Noah has not been in the hospital one time since we began visiting Cinncinatti Children’s. I am so thankful for the team there, that have helped to tremendously improve Noah’s health and quality of life.

From a Parents View Point

Heidi from Pennsylvania, USA

The doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital gave my daughter quality of life, especially the Aerodigestive department.

When our local hospitals had no more answers for us and we were at our lowest, a very special nurse coordinator out of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital called me on the phone while my daughter was still inpatient and said we want to help you.

Going to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital was the best decision we have made and we now make the 7 hours, one-way trip every year to see specialists and they direct the care here at our home hospitals.  I will forever hold the doctors, nurses, etc, at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital close to my heart.

They are heroes.


Mum Alyssa

The doctors, surgeons, and nurses are amazing. My son Oliver had VACTERL association and was an extremely complicated case. 

I was lucky enough to live so close to this amazing hospital. His two main doctors were Vic Garcia and Aaron Garrison. I love those two with everything that I have.

My son unexpectedly died at 16 months old due to rare deformities that could not have been predicted. My little boy was too complicated but these wonderful people there gave my son the best 16 months of his life.

They treated us like family and they gave my son so much love. They always did things to give him a better quality of life and made sure those 16 months weren’t spent all in the hospital. I can not praise these people enough.