Ea-Tef and Tof-oa play the Fortnite Game

We came up with an idea

Getting Children from across the World

Playing this game allowing them

to link up with others like themselves

Ea-Tef and Tof-oa play the Fortnite Game

Meet the first crew, two from the USA, and two from England

I have removed the teams names to protect the players

This team age ranged from 9 – 10 – 11 – and Steve Wyles seen here in the middle front @ 59

They played their first game head on into the fight

Ea-Tef and Tof-oa play the Fortnite Game

They WON their first game.

As seen here via Steve’s PC screen, the children where over the moon, and on their first night together.

Would your child be interested?

It was set up to allow the children to build friendships up, with others that understand what it is to be born unable to swallow, to enjoy a internet game together, to talk over their visits to the Hospitals, allowing them to build their own teams of friends.

Steve’s name is B4uAsK-14u2nv

Or join the support group found on this websites front page.

or Email:  birth-defect@outlook.com