Born in 1972 with out an Esophagus

Family of 3 tell their story born with out an Esophagus

My name is Andrea I was born may 16th 1972.  I was born with esophageal atresia.

In my case I had no esophagus  My surgeon was Dr.Hernan Rayez. I had three surgeries in total.  Dr.Rayez used my large intestine to create one.

My surgery was done at Little Company and Mary hospital in  Chicago Illinois.   I also only had a partial stopper in my stomach. I was fed through a GI tube in my stomach for quite a while.

When I was eight I had to have my esophagus widened because it was closing up.  In 1973 my sister Brenda was born healthy with no problems.

In 1976 my brothers were born Will and Jess  (twins) and they
too had esophageal atresia.  My brothers went through a lot more surgeries than I and we’re sick for a long time.
We are in medical journals and to this day they use our surgery videos to help doctors.

Today I’m 46 and my brother’s are turning 42.  I have three biological children and, two grandchildren all born healthy.

We are very grateful to the Lord for guiding our surgeon’s hands And, for the amazing parent’s that he placed us with!!
All to whom would not be possible.

I was ecstatic when I found this site.

To know that there are others like us, that we can give love and support too!
Special thanks to Steve Wyles for making this possible!!

Your Nana would be proud!!
May God Bless and keep you all!!

Andrea Eckert