Changing a Child's life via a Donation

Changing a Child’s life

via a Donation

In some parts of our world, there

are Parents that cannot afford

a Simple thing as a Doctor because of the cost,

This page aims to give some a wider field in which

to find Help from others.

Changing a Child’s life via a Donation

If you can give a small amount it has to be better than nothing.

Changing a Child’s life via a Donation


Our Daughter’s name is Aadvika (meaning Unique). She was born on the 23rd of Feb 2018 at 7.58 AM at Maipakpi Maternity and Child Hospital, Imphal, Manipur. My name is Muhen Khundrakpam and my wife’s name is Jaya Devi Sarungbam. We had all the plans to welcome our first born baby. We and our family waited in anticipation and with full excitement. However, our excitement was short lived as we found out that our baby was born with 3 distinct congenital defects.

The first one is called Esophageal Atresia (meaning the esophagus ‘food pipe’ was not joined to the stomach)

The second one is called Choanal atresia (blockage of the nasal passage)

The third one is called Microtia (underdeveloped external part of the ear)

The first two required surgery as it was the only option available. However, the surgery could not be done immediately since the baby was not stable and ready for operation. After being on ventilator support for 3 days, she was operated upon on the 27th of Feb 2018. The operation was successful and doctors did an amazing job. The Choanal Atresia surgery was a success and she is breathing on her own now. However, the food pipe could not be joined to the stomach at this point of time since the doctors learnt in the operation theater that the gap between the esophagus (food pipe) and the stomach was too long. For now, the doctors fit a gastrostomy tube for feeding and have performed an Esophagostomy.

Our baby was in the NICU for 47 days and was discharged on the 11th of April 2018. She currently is being fed directly to the stomach through a gastrostomy tube and we have got used to the feeding routine and techniques.

We were able to raise just over 5 lakhs rupees through Ketto from the first campaign that we ran on this platform which helped us in a great deal in covering the cost of the initial treatment.

Our baby will need another operation when she is a little older to get her esophagus (food pipe) connected to the stomach which can be done only when she is over 10 kg and or more than 6-8 months old.

However, another shocker came in the month of May, a month after she was discharged. We discovered that she as a hole in the heart. It is called OS ASD. It is quite small (1.6mm) and the doctors believe that it will close on its own in few months’ time. However, she will require a surgery if the hole does not close on its own. This one will require another scan to check if the hole has closed or not.

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