Condtions that could be linked to Ea-Tef and Tof-oa

I have been asked by a few Parents to add a page here on this website

about conditions

that could be linked to Children Born Unable to Swallow

ie Ea-Tef or Tof-oa

Condtions that could be linked to Ea-Tef and Tof-oa

Also, check out Horner’s syndrome re Ea-Tef and Tof-oa’s_syndrome

Parents Comments on this I have removed the Names to keep private.

my son with anesthesia and exercise. We were told it was nerve damage from the EA, TEF repair, similar to Horners Syndrome, but would not hurt him as long as he is sweating somewhere.

Our anesthesiologist told us that this was happening and it became part of his medical record. It scared the nurses and doctors in the OR since they had not seen it before. It became a teachable moment for them from the anesthesiologist. It was also my anesthesiologist that knew he had VACTERL too right after he was born.

Nothing has been confirmed from the doctors but I’m certain my son has it. He did the Harlequin sign after his EA repair surgery. And since then when he sweats he Harlequin signs again and mostly only sweats on one side.

My daughter does. The first time it happened was after an esophageal dilation. As someone else said, it’s caused by nerve damage.

Yes, told the same, nerve damage from tof /oa repair x

My son has this as well, however, I have had a real hard time with it becoming a diagnosis (which would be easily seen when looking at his records). This is my one snafu with the hospital we take him too. I mention it every single time though and I have it as part of our own personal records.