Awareness Posters - Flyiers - Handy give out Cards for Ea-Tef and Tof-Oa

On this page

you will find a few

ideas you can

use for free to

help bring about

understanding and Awareness

T-Shirt ideas for Spain, Greek

Polish and English

These are to help bring about awarness may it be in Posters or in cards you can hand out to those that feel it is their right to comment.

To Combat the look when others see your child coughing, print these at home and hand out whatever works for you.

Many idears found on this page all made free for you to use

Print these below off at home cut up from an A4 sheet of paper hand out, or just pass on to people who might learn from these


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USA only Print off at Home and hand out

Click this PDF File (in Blue under here) then hit PRINT for your Printer

usa-paper (1)

More to follow


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spanish cough 2


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polish cough


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greek cough4


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cough full wording


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1 cough who I am



Set So you can print off at Home, Size A4


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Small Flyers set on A4 Size Paper