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This is Ashima Kharbanda from Bangalore, India.

When my son was born with oesophageal atresia, all my hopes were shattered, anxiety was on peak. I was clueless due to less awareness of oesophageal atresia. I Could not get all the answers from doctors as well. I always wondered if I could connect to Tof parents for help.

I searched for some support groups on Facebook but found very few Tof parents from India. I wanted to know more about the best doctors and hospitals available in India for the treatment, but the information was not easily available. I had connections with doctors because I was working in the medical field but not every parent has this privilege.

I had so many challenges in my journey, that is why I decided to create this WhatsApp group to help new Indian parents.

We are now 30 plus parents available at this group. we all support each other at our tough times. We can post our queries without any hesitation anytime. We share info about the best doctors and hospitals available in India as well as in any city. Sometimes we have helped other parents in need financially too.

I am glad that my motive for creating this group is fulfilled. I am thankful to all the parents available in our group for being so generous to each other and in the future too, I am hoping to help new parents seeking help.

Anu and Pawan from Bangalore are the co-admins of the group.

This group is named by “Indian Tof Parents. “

Anyone from India looking for help or other TOF parents can reach me at

WhatsApp number 9986903147

Or can email me at

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