Our Ea-Tef and Tof-oa warriors Facebook pages

Parents of Children who are not well at times open up a Facebook page

to show others how their child is doing.

Or to bring about awareness for their Childs Condition.

I have heard it said it helps with the stress of seeing your Child.

What you will be able to read on this page are Parents sharing their Childs Page with you.

Maybe you can relate to their story and this page should give you the chance to make contact.

Click on the Links to find the page

Our Ea-Tef and Tof-oa warriors Facebook pages

Spread Awareness - Unite in the Fight

The way I have chosen to raise awareness is by sharing memes about different autoimmune diseases. Over time, I am willing to share the latest articles about these autoimmune diseases and potentially have people talk about their experiences in order to spread the word.