Unique Hand Made EA-TEF & TOF-OA Silver Ribbons

This Website has commissioned two items to be made and raffled off to raise money for two Charities.

One Charity is run by an Adult-born like me, unable to Swallow,

Christy Courage USA

Oara in Australia

These two items were made in a UK Company that holds the Royal Warrant

as seen on the front of their shop.

These two Ribbons are now hallmarked and can be traced back to the maker.

We wanted the best

I had this idea over two years ago to have one EA-TEF ribbon made, but needed to find someone that would make it, I was looking for a shop that had its own workshop on site. I also wanted the item to be made by a firm that was linked to History in the UK.

I had the idea to make TWO Ribbon’s one EA-TEF one TOF-OA.

I came across G Collins and Sons that held the Royal Warrant as seen here and on the front of their shop, and the shop dates back to the 1700s, in Royal Tunbridge Wells, The town dates way back in British History, you can read how far back the town goes at the bottom of this page, this is how I found the company to make these two Silver Ribbons for the raffle to raise money for Charities.

2 Solid Silver Ribbon Brooches where commissioned to be made.

Download the EA-TEF poster

Download the TOF-OA poster

A sample of these showing the EA-TEF can be seen on the right. Both show different Ribbons in the bottom left corner. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read up on these two Charities with their details.

Download the business card to hand out and raise awareness

Download these by clicking these PDF links above.

Below is the business card idea click on the blue link above to download. Use the card to help explain to others you meet out, what being born unable to swallow is all about. These can be printed off on a home printer or from a Printing shop. How you use them is down to you.



We have the backing of these Charities.

No Payment from any of the Charities will come back to this website. The Charities will raffle them and all payments will go straight into the Charities bank account from your payment, this way no 3rd party will earn from this.

Contact details of both these Charities will be added at the bottom of this Page

I would also like to thank the team of craftsmen, at G. Collins and Sons.

And the Website team for making this all work.

This is why we picked this company

Which Jewellers have made it into Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Jewellery Collection? Click the link bellow

Filled with priceless necklaces, tiaras, and brooches from names like G. Collins & Sons and Harry Winston, the collection includes pieces worn by Princess Diana, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

The Photo on the left I took from their own website.

I felt that having these two Ribbons made here at this firm would help us raise more money for these two charities, and if you read at the bottom of this page you can see more history surrounding the town that G Collins comes from.

Read this page and you will see why I asked G Collins and Son to make these very special Ribbons and they are a lovely Family run firm.


Why has a TOF-OA Ribbon been made, this was because I had been having chats with a New to be Mother from Malta trying to help before her child was born, after the child was born he became very ill and was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital from Malta, I had the honor of meeting the Family with my Sister when we traveled up to this Hospital I wanted to Personal meet this Mother and her Son, to welcome her to England.

But GOSH could not take the TOF-OA ribbon. And it would mean I would have to get a Gaming License and because I am not a Charity this was for me very hard to get. While I was trying, to get this, a second World Known Charity outside the UK wrote asking if I get a Ribbon made for one of the Fund Raising events. It just so Happened I had the Tof-oa one, which was what they were after, and as they recognize the good work this website and my small team are doing I will be handing over this Ribbon to them at the World Conference in June 2018.

The weight of each ribbon

On picking up these ribbons I was told by the firm that made them that they understood that these ribbons were to help raise money for Two World Charities to help Children Born Unable to Swallow.

They had looked at this website and felt that what I was doing was good. They gave me the ribbons with the two boxes that you see here, one fits inside the other which is kinda neat allowing whoever wins either the Tof-oa ribbon or the Ea-tef ribbon will also get something really nice to keep the ribbon they win safe.

I would like to say a big thank you to G Collins and Sons for this lovely offer of kindness, that will hopefully gain much interest for these two raffles and allow us to raise the awareness for these conditions across the world that Children like myself are born with.

We need your help to in telling others about this idea the more involved the more awareness and more money for these two charities that in turn help these children and Adults like myself. With your help, we have the chance of doing something really nice for the children around the world, so post this website link in your group, on your facebook wall, in your support groups, in fact anywhere that will get seen.

On the 25-01-2019 I posted by FedX overnight delivery to Christy Courage USA the Ea-Tef Ribbon.

In Late June 2019, at the World Conference in Rome, I will Personally hand over the Tof-oa Ribbon to the 2nd Charity who are Oara, from Australia.

Ea-Tef Charity USA

Christy’s Courage Foundation is a non-profit foundation. Run by an Adult Living with Ea-Tef

Christy’s Courage is a non-profit organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in assisting EA/TEF patients with their specific needs for the betterment of their lives, their families and caretakers.

Our Mission: The mission of Christy’s Courage is to improve the quality of life for children, adults, and their families with EA/TEF by offering support groups, medical education, pharmaceutical & medical equipment, and holistic treatment resources.

We are honored to help EA individuals, families & caregivers with no monies taken, just done out of love for our fellow EA Warriors!

Order Your Raffle Ticket for the EA-TEF Ribbon, click on the link below.


Their contact details hit the Banner Link

Oesophageal Atresia Research Association

OARA is an Australian Association provided for parents, families, and patients born with the congenital deformity of Oesophageal Atresia and other related conditions. Oesophageal Atresia (OA) affects 1 in 3500 and is a malformation of the ‘food pipe’ which is not connected to the stomach and requires life-saving surgery to correct the problem.

These patients can then go on to have ongoing issues with narrowing of the oesophagus and reflux, to name a few.

Oesophageal atresia can also be associated with tracheo-oesophageal fistula (TOF), which is an abnormal connection between the oesophagus and the trachea (windpipe). This can cause initial and/or ongoing breathing difficulties.

The Association has been set up to support families and individuals born with this condition Australia wide, as well as raising much-needed funds into research.


There was a 2nd Ribbon Made making two and being delivered to the charity in Rome in June 2019.




TUNBRIDGE WELLS owes its origin to the discovery of the chalybeate springs by Dudley, Lord North, in 1606. Lord North was a gay and dissolute member of the Court of King James I. His impaired health was the cause of his seeking the salutary seclusion of Eridge Castle, the seat of Lord Abergavenny. Here he passed, a portion of the summer of the year 1606. During his visit, he noticed in a wooded hollow a stream of water with a shining mineral scum upon it. From its peculiar ferruginous taste, it occurred to him that it might possess particular medicinal properties.

Click the banner link above to learn the History, about the Kings that visited and how it got ROYAL added to the front of Tunbridge Wells.