Unquie Childrens Charity’s in UK

I remember being in Hospital as a Child, back in my day from early 1960s Hospitals were nothing like they are today. They could be a lonely place, this is why I picked this photo, with not much to do, a child makes his own Friends.

These days Hospitals rely upon on Parents and Friends who visit, back in my day Parents could not stay with their child.

I put this page together because I would like people to know about these few UK Charities I for one have come into contact with though Josie my own Daughter being in Hospital.

Unquie Childrens Charity’s in UK

At the Theodora Children’s Charity, we believe that all children deserve laughter. We improve children’s experience of being in a hospital through visits from our professional performers called Giggle Doctors.  By combining music, play, and storytelling, Giggle Doctors improve wellbeing and help to reduce the level of anxiety felt by children and provide increased opportunities for play in the healthcare environment.

Last year, our 25 Giggle Doctors visited more than 33,000 sick and disabled children at 21 hospitals, three hospices, and two specialist care centers across England.
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the Giggle Doctors for everything they do. Our daughter was diagnosed with a rare Leukaemia last year and then sadly relapsed in April, meaning more treatment.

She has just had a stem cell transplant and has spent most of this year and a bit in Brighton, Southampton and The Royal Marsden Hospitals where on every single occasion the Giggle Doctors have made her (and us as parents) smile and laugh. She is currently in isolation and was so excited when today she saw Dr. Dotty (who is her absolute favorite Giggle Doctor). I just had to tell you how fantastic the Giggle Doctors are and the impact they have on poorly children. Thank You!” A Parent

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Theodora Giggle Doctors are professional performers, highly trained to work in both the hospital and hospice environments, and with children with disabilities. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring with them a variety of skills (amongst our team are actors, entertainers, magicians, musicians, and singers)

The Giggle Doctor programme improves children’s experience of a hospital, reduces stress and anxiety, increases opportunities for play and improves wellbeing. It is not always about laughter, sometimes the focus of a visit might be on music, magic or storytelling. At other times a few bubbles are what is needed or perhaps just a balloon at the foot of the bed. Regardless, the Giggle Doctors will visit every child who wants to be visited.

Get in Touch if you can and give a Giggle to a Child